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Overview of the Dewalt Dws780 Miter Saw

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Dewalt DWS780:

Below are some of the points to consider when you’re looking at this miter saw.

Contractor Or Home Use?

Yes for Home use DIY Small Projects:

The Dws780 is perfect for DIY small to medium range projects for the home.

It’s easy to use and easy to move around. You’ll be able to use it anywhere in your home or take it from one job site to another job site because of its compact design.

Better Blade with more teeth required for professional projects that require precise cuts:

If you’re looking to work on projects that require absolute delicate cuts then either go for a better blade with this saw or buy a contractor saw.

Ultra-bright LED light

An ultra-bright LED light casts a shadow across your board, showing you where the cut is going to be. Your saw doesn’t need to be turned on for this to work so you can make sure it’s lined up correctly before you turn on the saw.

Scope of Use

Another measure of a good saw is how much use you can get from it. This saw offers a wide variety of capacities as:

Dewalt Dws780
2 X 12 at a 45 degree angle
2 X 16 at a 90 degree
6-3/4 inch vertical capacity
7-1/2 inch nested crown capacity
13-7/8 inch horizontal capacity

You can also lock the angle into place, making it very easy to make sure you get the exact same angle for all of the boards you’re going to need to cut. This makes it incredibly easy to use.

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Quality of Product

Even if it’s easy to use and precise, you’re going to need to make sure it’s made of strong materials so it will last through any project. With a stainless steel and a strong guard, this saw is going to last.

In fact, it comes with:

  •    3-year limited warranty
  •    and 1-year free service contract

Thanks to the design and laser precision, you don’t need to adjust the calibration over time as you would with other types of miter saws. This is an especially coveted feature if you are moving the saw to different locations frequently.

Powerful Motor:

There is a powerful motor inside of this saw. It offers a 3,800 RPM, 15-amp motor that gets the job done.

Power Cord:

There is a power cord, and it is in a great location on the back of the saw. This location keeps the machine easy to use and it doesn’t interfere while operating the machine.

Clean Use

Like most kinds of saws, you’re going to have quite a bit of dust created from making each cut. A miter saw like this one helps you keep your workplace clean with a dust collection system that collects as much as 75% of the dust that’s created as you work.

This means less clean up time for the saw and the room you’re working in, saving you quite a bit of time over older models that don’t include this feature. The dust collection system simply hooks up to a shop vac or bag and turns on whenever the saw is turned on.

The Downside

As with every product, there are parts that you’ll love and ones you’re not sure about.

Slide mechanism can stick and be difficult to push. However, cleaning and loosening the screws that lock the slides in place can correct this problem.

The blade is good for beginner’s to intermediate level cuts but for absolute precise professional cutting, you’ll need more teeth on the blade.

Dewalt DWS709 vs Dewalt DWS780:

Dewalt Dws780
Dewalt Dws709

LED lightYesNo
67.6 pounds
51 pounds
2 X 12 at a 45 degree
2x10 at a at 45 degree
2 X 16 at a 90 degree
2x14 at a 90 degree
7-1/2 inch nested crown capacity
5-1/2 inch crown capacity
6.75 inches
4.5 inches
13.75 inches
9.5 inches
Blade Size
Motor power
15 amp, 3,800 rpm
15-amp, 3,800-rpm

DWS709 is lacking behind Dws780 on cutting capacities, but for the things it matched Dewalt dws780 and still comes with the lesser price tag. Dewalt dws709 can be a good alternative too. Check DEWALT DWS709 Slide Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch At Amazon

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a new miter saw, whether you’ve used one frequently in the past or this will be your first one, there’s a variety of features that makes the Dewalt dws780 miter saw the good choice for many people.

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