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DEWALT DWE7480XA Table Saw Review

DEWALT DWE7480XA  (Via Amazon)

A household name for quality equipment worldwide, DEWALT offers a wide range of table saws used for commercial and residential purposes.

Because it is known for durability, compact features and affordability, DEWALT keeps on impressing its customers worldwide for its innovative approach to conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing tables saws meant for daily use, and one that couldn’t be left behind is the DEWALT DWE7480XA.

In today’s review, discover and find out if this product deserves the positive ratings and reviews from users worldwide and later decide if this saw deserve second thought or not.

Product Pros

    • This unit is easy to move around the workplace and remote locations due to its compact design.
    • Rack and pinion fence in my opinion is one of the best in the market which can be adjusted smoothly and accurately with turn knob and locking lever.
    • With its dust port, cleaning is a breeze saving you tons of time and allowing you to do other activities you love.
    • Equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor for keeping up with job requirements.
    • Great ripping of 24.5-inch capacity enabling you to use it for multiple applications.

Product Cons

    • Dewalt seems to miss place to store low quality miter gauge that comes with it.
    • The 24 tooth blade that comes with this saw is cheap. If you want precision cuts then buy quality 10″ blade. Here is the tip If you are going to buy separate blade make sure you check the minimum kerf requirements otherwise it won’t work with the riving knife.
    • This unit will not work with dado blades.
    • This saw doesn’t have a zero clearance insert as compared to Bosch models.

Who should buy this saw?

If portability and price is important to you and most of your work consists of DIY home renovation/carpentry work. Then you should go for Dewalt dwe7480xa saw which can do a decent job.

However this saw will not grow with your ever expanding interests. DWE7480XA is not a mainstream saw but can be a good compliment saw for job site work due to its compact design and portability.

Comparison with Dewalt DW745:

15 Amp 4800 rpm motor compared to 3,850 rpm of dw745 provides decent enough power to quickly rips through most of the hardwoods.

24-1/2 inch rip capacity compared to 20-inch rip capacity of dw745 is amazing on little compact saw like this.

Dust collection:

It has a dust port of 2.5 inches allowing you to use it with a dust collector for easy way of cleaning dust.


DWE7480XA equipped with a compact-size scissor-stand for convenience when transporting or relocating the machine on the job site.


DWE7480XA has metal roll cage which provides the durability and sturdiness to this unit.

Uneven surface solution:

If you mostly work on uneven surface then adjustable rear feet makes your life easier which can easily be adjusted according to the surface to provide the all-important stability for your projects.

Riving knife:

Riving knife provided with this saw is perfect to minimize the risk of kickback due to its correct size for the blade supplied with this saw.

Is the DEWALT DWE7480XA Recommended?

This saw can never replace or beat the quality of the big contractor saw; however, due to its adjustable settings, the rack-and-pinion fence, the larger rip capacity, compact design and price make this saw an excellent complement for on-site work.

Dewalt Dwe7480xa deserves a second look and is definitely worth your spending.

 DEWALT DWE7480XA (Via Amazon)