Dewalt Dw745 10-Inch Table Saw Review

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Dewalt DW745 (Via Amazon)

If you are looking for a  Dewalt DW745, you are at the right place. In this article, we will feature a Dewalt DW745 review for you.

Let’s take a look at this table saw and determine why so many people prefer this portable model over the most others that can be purchased.

Who Is this for?

It is mostly suited for DIY or hobbyist and it may not work well if you have bigger contractor’s projects in mind. Due to its compact

Due to its compact design, you can’t handle big projects unless you get yourself separate high-quality blade and the bigger table.

What are the Negatives?

Before jumping straight into the positives let’s first take a look at negatives of this DW745 portable table saw.

Is the blade good enough?

Although the blade provided with this saw is good and can do a job for DIY projects. Mostly I don’t recommend using the blade that is supplied with this saw.

If you can’t live with the deflection while cutting wood then it is better to have better quality blade than 10-inch and 24-tooth.


It is noisier than Bosch 4100.

Blade movement:

Another drawback is for full blade elevation and to fully snug the blade you need to revolve the crank for more than 80 times that will take almost half a minute depending on your arm speed.

40 plus revolutions in one direction for the elevation of the blade.

40 plus revolutions in opposite direction for lowering it.

What are the Positives?

Guarding System:

One benefit of Dw745 10 inch job site table saw is that it comes equipped with a versatile modular guarding system.

Guarding system setup is easy and doesn’t require any tools, you can easily do it with your hands, so no excuse for not using guard system.

The design of the guard not only provide the safety but also useful for cutting. Guard split in the middle helps you see your blade in action to make sure it is hitting the mark all the time eliminating the need for lifting the guard.


This easy to use table saw is lightweight and compact so it is easy to move from location to location. When you are on a job site it is rare that you find yourself in one location all day long. The lightweight saw weighs only 22 kg, and for a saw of such magnitude, it is hard to beat.

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Thanks to the easy to adjust design of rack and pinion fence rails you’ll be able to make adjustments fast and accurate every time. The telescoping fence rails facilitate the rip capacity of 20 inches.

Powerful Motor:

There is no shortage of power behind this saw, either, and this is yet another benefit that all users want and need.

15 amp motor is able to deliver the type of power that you would need for most of your cutting. This particular saw also has 10-inch blades that spin at 3,850 rpm which adds to the accuracy and speed of cuts.

Rip Capacity:

DW745 has a 24-tooth blade that measures 10 inches and provides 20-inch rip capacity.  This saw is capable of handling most of the wood works requirements you may have.

I would still recommend you to invest in better blades for professional projects and increase the performance.


The last thing that you want to do is buy a product that is not going to last. Long lasting durability is yet another feature that you can expect to come your way with this saw.

It is made to take a beating and keep on going for long time while providing the same impeccable result every time.

The Bottom Line:

If you are in need of a great table saw that is compact, easy to carry around and filled with features, take a look at Dewalt DW745.

It is a saw that can do more for your projects. And, the saw will last and last.

Dewalt DW745 (Via Amazon)